Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beginner Guitar Lessons Offer the Basics

Learning to play the guitar can be fun, no matter what your age, with beginner guitar lessons.  As adults, we often put off or avoid learning a new skill because the idea of trying something new can be literally scary.  However, online guitar lessons for beginners are convenient because you can learn in your own home, at your own pace, without being self conscious.

Necessary Materials

When you register for beginner guitar lessons, you will receive the materials you will need to get started.  These will be available at the website for download or will be emailed to you, and will include the music or tabs for you to play for each lesson, and possibly some written theory, which helps you learn and understand the basics of reading music.  You can print these as you need them, or print them all at once.  They choice is yours.

Course Instruction

Because your lessons are delivered online, you have the freedom to repeat a lesson if you need to see it again, or to delay your next lesson until you master the skill you are currently working on.  Each lesson is carefully spelled out, with step-by-step instructions and diagrams to assist in your understanding.  Additionally, you will have access to videos of professional instructors demonstrating each lesson so that you can see someone use the technique being learned and you can hear what it should sound like.

Tabs or Music?

Signing up for an online guitar course, you will need to choose whether you want to learn to read music or to use guitar tabs.  Beginner guitar lessons are offered using either method.  Music is a universal written language that is applicable to all languages and all instruments; it is more detailed than tabs as well.  However, learning to read music is time consuming; guitar tabs are only used when playing the guitar, but they are easier and quicker to learn, so you will be playing your favorite songs sooner.

Have Fun

As you make your decisions concerning which methods of music courses you wish to use, and what kinds of music you want to learn to play, the only person whose opinion truly matters is yours.  It is for your personal fulfillment that you are embarking on beginner guitar lessons, and it is you who will benefit from the ability to play music.  You may have notions of playing at parties and being the center of sing-alongs, and that is a realistic goal.  However, even if no one ever hears you play, if you enjoy it, then it is worth the effort.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sore Fingers from Constant Guitar Learning Practices

For those who play the guitar, having sore fingers is part of life. For piano players, the soreness can extend to between the shoulder blades. For saxophone players, the tongue and cheeks. There is always a complaint behind every single playing instrument. For those who go through guitar learning scales, the soreness can last for a long time. The fear of a beginner player is that they think that if they don't practice long enough they won't make good players. However, that is simply not the case. If there is a soreness, the only way to get over it is not to traumatize it some more. The only answer is to rest the fingers. If it has to rest for a week, the do so. The ability to play won't disappear with the resting; it will simply come back when the guitar is at hand once again.

The belief of not resting probably comes from an old saying that if 'there is no gain if there is no pain.' Well, this has long been proven very false. If there is soreness, then there is an inflammation, and the only way to improve it is to make that area immobile for a while until it recovers.

There are stretching techniques of the fingers that are used by guitar players, piano player, even harp players. The fingers go through a series of stretching and bending that will improve its flexibility and strength. With these the fingers can prevent itself from overexertion.

It should never be forgotten that the fingers are made up of several joint, and if the cushions between these joints get over traumatized, then they could tear causing a lot of pain and misery on the guitar player. There are some cases where the tendons could tear and this could call for more drastic medical interventions.

If you are a professional guitar player, you should know these things. For those who are beginners, you should also know these things. With the flexibility of the finger joints compromised, the ability of playing the guitar fluidly could be lost, no matter how much trouble one goes through to develop a technique to improve the playing.

So if it hurts, give it a rest. This should not stop anyone from playing the air guitar which is also a good practice for the brain and the eye coordination to transmit their signals to the fingers which can play without the presence of a physical guitar.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Learn Heavy Metal Guitar from the Masters

Many of the traditional music-tape producers have now converted
their analog tapes into the digital format and offer them as
amazing DVDs. This is a very popular format to learn heavy
metal guitar. These instructional aids will help you watch and
learn from your favorite master guitarist because the tablature
of the music he is playing is displayed. The probability of you
missing even a single note is almost zero! More often than not a
heavy metal DVD would contain the performances of the great
masters like a Marty Friedman, Vivian Campbell or a Def Leppard.
The technology behind making these DVDs allow split-screen
viewing, enabling you to zoom-in on the techniques of these
great masters. Sometimes additional special effects make it
easier to understand the right and left techniques on the

In a good quality disc you can find that the pitch sound will be
maintained at the same standard even in the slow motion
sections. Some of the DVDs may contain inspiring biographies of
great master guitarists. Invaluable booklets containing several
musical examples are usually included with the DVDs. These DVD
lessons are divided into several categories, ideally structured
for beginners and the middle-level guitarists. A basic
courseware studies the structure of the guitar; the materials
used to construct the guitar; lessons on how to read the
tablature, how to tune the guitar and how to hold the guitar.
The Techniques chapter would contain lessons on finger
placements; Sliding; Palm Muting; Picking with the Finger;
Improvisation and harmonics.

The lessons on the basics of Chords include construction of
chords, what are Barre Chords, Techniques of handling a Barre
Chord. They also contain chapters on Jazz Chords, chord
progressions etc. Purchasing such a DVD would be the best way to
learn heavy metal guitar playing.

Alternatively, those who do not have a dvd player at home or
want a faster alternative to getting your guitar lessons could
get online guitar lessons. In recent years, the internet
technology has developed so much that video guitar lessons,
softwares, ebooks and even iphone applications are available
easily. One of the best resources for beginners to learn metal
guitar is Phil Wheatlay's Learn heavy Metal Guitar course. This
is a fully downloadable course that allows the user instant
access to guitar lessons upon payment of a small fee. Which ever
method of learning the guitar that you choose, be sure to see it
through and not give up halfway. So go ahead and have fun.

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