Monday, December 18, 2006

Mastering Guitar Course

Ryan Cameron's Mastering Guitar is currently going for half price. Here is a sample of what you get with it:

The Mastering Guitar course includes 3 high quality ebooks, each with photos and professionally transcribed notation, so you will have no problem following along. The course also includes over 400 audio files and over 300 exercises... That's more than 2 times what any other course offers!

Discover how to read music notation and tablature with the help of 'The Guitarist's Guide To Reading Music Notation'.

Learn all the core guitar playing essentials such as, hammer ons, pull offs, palm muting, string deadening, slides, a variety of bends, and lots more!

Learn hundreds of open chords and barre chords with the aid of my revolutionary software, 'Guitar Chords Pro'!

Master the art of fingerpicking, as well as playing with a pick. Plus a neat little trick that allows you to combine the two!

Understand the theory behind 'Modes' and how to use them effectively in your songwriting and soloing.

Discover a variety of scales including, Major, Minor, and Pentatonic. You will have true freedom to play all over the fretboard!

Learn all about the building blocks of chords called 'Intervals'. After doing so you will have the knowledge to create every chord imaginable!

You'd spend hundreds of dollars on books and tapes buying this stuff at your local music shop. Check it out here and save a bundle:


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Holiday Gift Cards For Guitarists

If you don't know what to get a guitarist for Christmas, how about a gift card? Music 123 has special gift cards available for the holidays. Check it out: