Sunday, October 21, 2007

Line 6 POD X3 LIVE

Pod X3 Live includes every input and output you need to practice, perform and record. No stone was left unturned for connectivity. Use the 1/4" instrument input for guitar or bass and the XLR microphone input for vocals and more. During practice, use the stereo headphones output to keep the noise down. For performances, plug in front of your amp or directly into the P.A. Use the stereo effect loop to add in your favorite stompboxes and other effects as well. When you connect a Line 6 Variax® guitar via the Variax input on your POD X3 Live, you can instantly recall POD X3 Live's amp, cab, and effect model settings matched with the perfect electric or acoustic guitar model all by stepping on a single footswitch. When you're ready to record, use the stereo balanced line outputs or digital S/PDIF output for traditional recording. Or use the new USB 2.0 connection for pro-level multi-channel computer recording.

Line 6 POD X3 Live Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Standard

Whether you choose to recreate the sounds of the past or turn tradition on its ear, POD X3 Live comes fully-loaded with the most inspiring collection of POD-quality amps and effects for your live performances, studio recordings, and everywhere in between.

Features & Benefits

Electric Guitar
POD X3 Live offers a whole new level of control over your guitar tone.

Plug straight into any one of the 78 ear-shattering guitar amp models for pure, unadulterated guitar tone.
Combine amp and cab models with the mouth-watering collection of 98 stompbox and studio effect models to build out your rig.
Take your sound to the next level by blasting your guitar through two guitar rigs at once to create a massive wall of sound that even guitar heroes of the past would respect.
Or plug POD X3 Live in front of your favorite stack or combo to pile on up to nine simultaneous effects, including vintage overdrive, scorching distortion, beefy fuzz, vibey delay, lush reverb, ethereal chorus, irreverent flanger, wah-wah to name just a handful.

Acoustic Guitar
Whether miking up an acoustic or plugging in an acoustic-electric guitar, POD X3 Live will showcase the natural warmth and beauty of your instrument.

Warm up your acoustics with the high-end tube mic preamp and compressor models to bring out the natural tone of your acoustic six or twelve string. Apply a touch of color with a full palette of reverbs, choruses, delays, EQs, and other essential effects.

Bass Guitar
Whether you seek stadium rock, a Motown groove, or modern grind, look no further than POD X3 Live.

Dial in classic bass tone using the 28 incredible bass amp and 22 bass cab models.
Bring a direct sound to life by using the modeled mic preamps and high-end compressors instead of traditional bass amps and cabs.
Add a combination of the 98 stompbox or studio effects to tweak your bass tone to perfection for practice, performance, or recording.

POD X3 Live includes an XLR input for your microphone and an amazing set of effects for your vocals.

Six studio-grade vintage and modern microphone preamp models are included capture the natural warmth and richness of your vocals.
Smooth out your sound with studio grade compressors, EQ's, gates and de-essers.
The comprehensive collection of studio-quality post effect models at your disposal include rich reverbs, vibey delays, lush choruses and more.

POD X3 Live is the ultimate sonic toolbox for the creative songwriter.

With its massive set of models for guitar, bass, and vocals, POD X3 Live will elevate your creative sketches to polished works of art.
When inspiration strikes, record your guitar and vocals all at the same time to capture the magic of the first take.

Harness the Power and Flexibility of POD X3 Live

Computer Recording
POD X3 Live fits right in with whatever computer recording solution you use.

With USB 2.0, POD X3 Live can send processed and unprocessed signals to your recording software, so you can always change your tone and fix it in the mix.
POD X3 Live can record 2 fully-processed instruments at once.
Split your guitar signal and record each virtual rig on separate stereo tracks to create rich, layered sounds.
With on-board, real-time processing, POD X3 Live takes the load off of your computer and eliminates annoying latency.
Use the S/PDIF digital output to plug into ProTools systems and other pro-level audio interfaces to add legendary POD tone to your recordings.

Play in front of an amp
Use POD X3 Live as the ultimate pedal board with your favorite combo or stack.

With 98 stompbox and studio effect models, you have more freedom over your tone than even the largest, heaviest pedal board could ever offer.
Stomp - Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive, and more.
Mod - Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Rotary, Phaser, and more
Delay - More than one of each type of delay: Analog, Digital, Tape and a mix of specialty echoes you won't find anywhere else.
Reverb More than one of each type of reverb: Room, Hall, Chamber, Plate and Spring models.
Miscellaneous Compressors, Gate, 4 Band Semi-Parametric EQ, Synth and Filters, Wah and many more.
Use up to 9 effects simultaneously to build the sound you're looking for.
Create rich blends of two entirely different effect chains to create a screaming wall of sound.
Plug into the PA
Plug POD X3 Live directly into the PA system for bullet-proof live sound that rocks.

Leave your back-breaking mountain of gear at home, and make set up and tear down easier than ever.
Take the guess work out of getting a great live sound every time.
Use the XLR outputs to plug directly into the mixing board without a direct box.

Reasons to Upgrade from POD XT Live
POD X3 Live delivers a ton of new features to inspire your music and simplify the creative process more than ever.

POD X3 Live comes fully-loaded with the most comprehensive set of POD® amps, cabs, and effects models ever. Includes models of 98 guitar amps, 24 guitar cabs, 98 effects, 28 bass amps, 22 bass cabs, and 6 vocal preamps.

Designed for gigging musicians, the rugged, stage-ready design features heavy duty metal footswitches and a racecar-inspired Wah/Volume/Expression pedal.

Split your guitar signal and run it through two amps or two guitar rigs at the same time to create entirely new sounds that will blow your audience away.

Use the XLR input or _" instrument input to play or record two instruments simultaneously each with its own independent tone processing.

Add studio-quality POD tone to your acoustic guitar, bass guitar, vocals or any other instrument you mic up for incredible recordings and live performances.

Use the stereo effect loop to integrate your favorite stompboxes and other effects into your setup.

The new, enlarged display shows a complete end-to-end signal chain for each tone at a glance. Change amp or effect settings on a single page for quick and easy editing.

Use the USB 2.0 connection for professional multi-track channel recording with your favorite computer recording software. Simultaneously send a dry unprocessed signal and wet processed stereo signal for each instrument/input to your computer for convenient and flexible computer recording options.

Use the S/PDIF digital output to record digitally into Pro Tools and integrate smoothly with other audio interfaces.

Full speccs can be found here:

Line 6 POD X3 Live Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Standard

Monday, October 08, 2007

Led Zeppelin Reunion

Classic rock giants, Led Zeppelin, are reuniting for the first time in almost twenty years. The occasion is a tribute and benefit concert for Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records, who passed away last year. Ertegun benefacted many up and coming acts in his time and Zeppelin was one of his biggest hits. The concert will be Nov. 26 at the 02 arena in London.
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Accoustic Guitars: Back To Basics

Acoustic guitars have been the standard by which all other instruments are judge for decades now, and they seem to show no signs of diminishing in importance. Before the invention of modern amplification systems, the acoustic guitar was not universally the preferred instruments of songwriters. Acoustic guitars, after all, are relatively quiet when compared to a banjo or an accordion. Nowadays, however, you can play guitar acoustic music as loudly or as quietly as you wish. Although everyone recognizes the sound of a guitar, it never seems to get old. From folk to rock to jazz, guitar is probably the best place to start.

Once you have advanced a little bit, guitar playing gets a lot easier. When you are first starting, however, it is extremely difficult. The first few times you play acoustic guitars, it can be very frustrating. Your fingers hurt when you push down on the strings, the chords don't sound like they should, and nothing works out right. Persevere! Acoustic guitars aren't popular simply because of their melodious sound. It is an open secret that they are extremely easy to play compared to many other instruments.

Of course, before you even start playing, you have to pick out your acoustic guitar. This is a subject of some debate among guitar experts. Should you buy a beginner guitar, or should you go all out and get something more expensive? Many people believe that beginner guitars are the way to go. That way, if you don't like playing, you haven't wasted too much money. Other people believe that you shouldn't confine yourself to cheap acoustic guitars. If you have the money, you should buy a really good ax. That way, it will be a joy to play. The better it sounds, the more you're going to want to play it!

In my opinion, the best approach is a compromise. Whether you are getting acoustic electric guitars, nylon string classical guitars, or some other kind, it shouldn't be the bottom-of-the-line. Get something that is decent, but not overly expensive. You can usually find acoustic guitars on sale for less than 200 dollars. Take someone who is experienced along to help you pick it out. Choosing the right guitar, after all, is crucial. You will be sticking with that instrument for months or even years to come, so you had better choose carefully. The wrong instrument will be hard to play and will not even stay in tune.