Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How to Buy an Electric Guitar Online

By: George Nellas

With the increased proliferation of online guitar and musical
equipment stores, as well as the lower prices and greater
selection that these stores generally offer, most people are now
turning to the internet to help them make their guitar
purchases. Shopping online is simpler and more convenient than
shopping in a store and, since all major guitar manufacturers
have good websites, product information and specs are more
easily accessible online than they are simply by asking a
salesperson in a store.

The only downside to shopping online is pretty easy to figure
out: there's no physical contact with the instrument. Think
about it, when you're shopping for a new car, you can get in,
look around and take it for a test drive. With shopping for a
guitar online, that's not generally possible. This means that
you have to educate yourself a bit more about what you're trying
to purchase before you actually take the plunge.

Not all guitars are created equal. Although, with the
improvement in manufacturing processes and technologies,
purchasing a "bad" guitar for more than $250 is difficult to do
these days. Talk to your fellow musicians, either in person or
on an online community or "blog" and see what different people
have to say about the instruments they've played. Many online
stores allow their users to rate their products so, along with
the general information about the guitar, you can also find out
what people who bought the guitar thought of it, and why.

Research what your favorite guitarists play. Not only in terms
of brands, but in the configuration of the guitar itself: was
that fantastic solo played with a single-coil or a humbucking
pickup; why do country guitarists typically use Telecaster-style
guitars? In answering these questions, you will better educate
yourself about what type of guitar you are most interested in.
Don't forget, if you buy something online that you aren't
satisfied with, almost all online stores have a 30 to 45 day no
fault return policy.

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