Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cleaning Your Guitar

We spend a lot of time with our guitars. But how often do we clean them and what's the proper way to do so? Here's a good article on guitar cleaning.

Cleaning Your Guitar

By: Robert Shawn

If you could play your guitar without touching it you wouldn't
have to clean it. Just take some time to clean your guitar each
time you play it. This will extend the its life and can prevent
any number of problems in the future.

First make sure you use a soft cloth preferably cotton. There
are flannel cloths at most music store that work great and can
be used on any instrument. One idea is to use an old clean
T-shirt. Make sure when using a T-shirt that you are not
cleaning with the printed area facing the guitar this can
scratch the guitar. Don't use paper towels they can also scratch
the guitar finish. Disposable shop towels work great as well but
they are a little on the expensive side for a through away.

Wiping down you guitar after you play will keep your guitar
looking new. For hard to reach areas such as under the strings,
use a ruler and wrap with a soft cloth.

In regards to the guitar strings, you can increase the tuning
life if you clean them aggressively each time you play. Just
wrap the cloth around each string and wipe down the length of
the string.

Keep the fingerboard clean by just wiping the whole board down
strings included.

After cleaning the guitar you notice areas that just didn't
clean well like smudges, etc. Just add a little moisture and a
mild detergent. Add this to a cloth and do not add directly to
the guitar. You want to use as little moisture as possible to
keep from getting moisture in the areas that could cause damage.

After cleaning just buff the guitar down again with a dry cloth
to remove any additional streaks caused by the moisture process.

Now that was easy wasn't it?

For more information on Electric Guitars log on to
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About the author:
Robert Shawn is a writer and marketer for a number of
information resource directories.


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