Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Keith Richards' Favorite Guitar

We thought it would be fun to run some posts about the stars' favorite guitars. With the Rolling Stones on tour again, we'll start with Keith Richards. Richards started playing the Fender Telecaster almost exclusively sometime in the early seventies. The Telecaster is a great instrument for rhythm players. You get very precise chord sounds without overwhelming the other instruments. When you hear a Rolling Stones tune, one thing that always sticks out is Richards' chord work. The Telecaster makes it ring.

Another thing that gives Richards a distinctive sound is his use of an open G tuning. What he does is tune the A string down to G. On top of that, he removes the lower E string so as to be able to hammer out his chords without inadvertenly hitting the E. Pretty unique!

Fender American Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Chrome Red with Rosewood Neck

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