Saturday, December 24, 2005

Guitar Strings

By: Gerard Hiner of

Guitar Strings - How do you know when it's time to change
your Guitar Strings?

Well there are many signs. First simply look at them. Do you
have all 6 strings? Are they rusty or discolored assuming they
are steel strings. If the answer to these questions is no then
guess what? You need new Guitar Strings!

If that doesn't help you the next step would be to PLAY your
guitar. How do the strings feel? Do they feel rough? Have they
lost a bit of their elasticity? Have more of wire feeling than a
guitar string? Then you need new guitar strings!

Most importantly how does your guitar sound? As strings get
older they get corroded from exposure to the elements and from
dirt and oils from your fingers. They won't sound as fresh or
bright anymore and not as easy to play. You then need new guitar

How often you change your guitar strings is a common question.
Think of the guitar like anything else that needs maintenance.
You should periodically change your guitar strings before any of
the above scenarios takes place. Some guitar players I know
change their strings every week or month, and some every other
day! If you play many hours a day every couple of weeks should
be fine. If you play a little bit each day or every couple of
days then you should change them no more than once a month or
every other month.

Be sure to ALWAYS have extra set a strings on hand incase one
breaks. Especially when playing a gig!

My personal favorite guitar strings are Elixir guitar strings.
They make both acoustic and electric guitar strings. They are
slightly more money than other brands but I believe it is
totally worth it. They have a special coating on the strings
that makes them last longer and feel better. Try them and I
think you will agree.

You also need to consider the gauge (thickness) of strings you'd
like. This is where personal preference comes into play;
beginners should start with "medium" gauge strings, and vary
from that as you develop a preference. A simple rule of thumb is
thicker strings provide better tone, but are harder to play.
Acoustics usually have thicker strings for that thicker tone.
Have Fun Playing!

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