Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Guitar Lessons – Setting Action & Bridge Adjustments

By Bill McRea

Pickup Height Adjustment

Raising the pickup height closer to the strings should result in a little better tone for you guitar. Lowering the pickup should give a lighter tone to your instrument. You will need a little screwdriver to make the adjustment. Adjust the screws on either side of your pickups; tightening the screws to lower the pickup or loosening it to raise the pickup.

Be careful not to raise the pickups to close to the strings. Adjust the screws the same on both sides. For a better balance you can angle the pickups away from the heavier stings. As in all guitar adjustments, go slow and test frequently. Some change can have a big affect.

Bridge Adjustments

The action can be raise or lowered by adjusting the bridge. Raising or lowering the bridge by adjusting the screws on both sides of the bridge. If you adjust the bridge to lower your guitar could fret out. When you bend a note you won’t be able to reach the desired pitch. If your action is too high it will be more difficult to play your guitar. You have to find the right height.

Tuner Adjustments

If your tuners are loose they will need to be tightened. When you put new strings on your guitar use a screwdriver to tighten the screws on the tuners. Be gentle with all guitar adjustments to prevent damage. This will help prevent your guitar from going out of tune.

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