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How to Avoid Guitar Practice Burnout

How to Avoid Guitar Practice Burnout - The #1 Reason Beginner
Guitarists Give-Up.

By: Annette Rowe

This article is about how to avoid guitar practice burnout -
something that happens to all of us from time to time!

Yep it's true. Many of us at one time or another has experienced
those "blah" days where the last thing we want to do is pick up
our guitar and practice. But don't fret! Here you'll discover
valuable little tidbits to help keep you motivated with learning
and practicing guitar, so let's get started...

How to Avoid Guitar Practice Burnout:

1) Enjoy the process of learning guitar.

This sounds basic, but often beginner guitarist's will focus on
negative aspects about their guitar playing skill level. Instead
of "beating yourself up" remember that all professional
guitarists started off just like you. The truth is that learning
guitar takes time, patience and practice.

As a beginner, you should not try to learn to play guitar too
quickly. Why? In trying to learn guitar too quickly you'll risk
increased muscle tension which can actually reduce your guitar
playing ability.

So slow and steady guitar lessons will benefit you best for
long-term success.

2) Use the quality guitar learning methods.

Many people find that learning to play guitar using traditional
methods is too difficult, overwhelming and time consuming. And
because of this difficulty, many people give up on their dreams
of learning to play guitar because the guitar learning
techniques were inadequate.

Luckily though, now days you can get online guitar lessons that
teach a new and revolutionary way to learn guitar that produces
fast and effective results. These new guitar lesson techniques
make learning guitar fun and easy. So, if learning guitar using
traditional guitar methods is too difficult, or causing you too
much frustration, know that there are new and improved ways to
learn guitar that work extremely well.

3) Learn to practice guitar at your pace.

In learning to play guitar, you'll discover that some days
you're more motivated than other days.

For example, some days you'll feel like playing the guitar for
hours on end, and at other times, you'll only want to practice
guitar for a few minutes. This is normal and if it's one of your
"off days" allow yourself to enjoy a break from a long practice
section without feeling guilty.

4) Look to others for inspiration.

One of the best motivators in trying to achieve any goal, like
learning guitar, is to look to other people for help and
assistance. Consider joining a musicians group and online music
forums where you can share tips, successes and troubles with
other guitarists online.

Chances are, there will be another guitar player who has had the
same problem you're facing who can give you great advice.
Learning how other people achieved their guitar playing success,
and the pitfalls they incountered along the way (and how to
avoid them), will help tremendously to inspire and motivate you
along the way while learning guitar.

The #1 Reason Beginner Guitarists Give-Up:

The biggest reason many people new to learning guitar give-up is
because they loose the JOY of learning to play guitar. Why? Many
beginner guitarists are excited about their new hobby, and this
excitement causes many people to rush into trying to play their
first song as quickly as possible.

However by not FIRST taking the time to learn proper guitar
basics, usually results in increased playing difficulties and
frustration. And frustration is what eventually leads many
beginners to give-up on their dreams of playing the guitar.

But don't worry! By following the tips above, you'll be well
ahead of most people learning to play guitar.

Remember, to avoid practice burnout, it's critical learn to play
guitar at a consistent pace, allow yourself breaks from playing
guitar as needed, and keep yourself motivated by seeking out
other guitarists for help and inspiration.

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