Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tips For Beginner Guitar Lessons

By: Morgan Hamilton

Does this sound familiar? A guitar case lying around in your
house doing nothing but gather dust. Chances are that despite
your best intentions, you have one and probably never learned
how to play, or started taking beginner guitar lessons and soon
lost your enthusiasm, or something else got in the way. Taking
beginner guitar lessons in the traditional manner sometimes just
doesn't work all that well when you're busy with little things
like life. However, if you have a computer, and who doesn't
these days, you can easily find many online sites that offer
beginner guitar lessons gratis, for free, or you can buy guitar
lesson packages with DVDs and instructional manuals that can be
sent to your home if you would prefer. Have no fear if you can't
read music; beginners are also taught how to read tablature,
which is easier to learn to read than music. Trust me, it really

No matter if you choose to start your beginner guitar lessons on
the computer or with the traditional educational material, you
start out with the raw basics about guitars and accessories,
like picks and tuners, strings, bridges, etc. Students are
taught how to correctly hold a guitar and pick, and how to tune
it so that it sounds good! Sure this may sound really simple,
but there are people who feel really awkward at first, and are
helped a great deal from a few pointers. Another great bonus to
taking beginner guitar lessons in the comfort of your own home,
is that the embarrassment factor is almost completely
eliminated! Lessons are usually rather easy to understand and
are available to you to play over and over until you have
mastered that level. You know the saying, practice makes
perfect. Beginner guitar lessons include basic scales and chord
formations also; it is kind of important to have some basic
music theory behind you because you will always benefit by
looking back to it for basic guidance, even after you are an
accomplished musician!

A fantastic method to get started or brush up on the basics,
beginner guitar lessons let you begin where you feel
comfortable, and move alond at a pace that is comfortable to
you. Beginner guitar lessons are readily available to you online
and there are many quality sites to choose from. Some can be
downloaded, or you can have beginner guitar lessons delivered to
your doorstep, whichever you decide. The whole idea behind it is
to get you playing, whether it be the first time, or to get you
back in the saddle again! Guitar is actually one of the easiest
instruments to learn how to play, contrary to what you may have
heard, and fits in real well with just about all types of music.
You certainly don't have to run out and buy a brand new guitar,
unless of course you want to! For beginner guitar lessons, you
just need anything with six strings and that can be tuned and
strummed. After just a few lessons you'll be amazing your family
and friends with your incredible talent! Where is that music
contract... bring it on.

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