Friday, April 06, 2007

Guitar Playing: What About Motivation?

By: Peter Edvinsson

What can you do to stay motivated as you practice on your
guitar? How can you increase and maintain the joy of playing?
Here are some tips on how to keep that joy that made you start
playing the guitar in the first place!

What can you do before setting goals?

The reason why we don't keep our guitar playing goals might be
that we haven't been honest with ourselves before the goal
setting process.

Before actually setting goals you have to decide why you want to
play guitar or want to be a better player. Make an honest survey
of your assets and wishes in the area of guitar playing.

Your inner wishes will probably conquer your goals if they are
not the same.

How to set goals

In order to set goals that you will actually work towards you
might ask yourself:

Do I really want to accomplish these goals?

Will I really feel good when I reach my goals?

I guess you will agree with me that the only goals that are
really meaningful are the ones that will take you in that
direction that leads to a place you want to be at!

I think that a part of your guitar playing goals should be
focused practicing melodies you want to play in front of other

One common reason for starting to play the guitar is to be able
to play the pieces of music you like.

This means that as you learn to play guitar, a goal might be to
learn a number of songs or melodies by heart so you can play
them in any setting.

These songs or melodies are to be learned so well that you don't
have to worry if you are asked to play.

One reason for having a repertoire with guitar pieces thoroughly
rehearsed is that you can feel that you perform at the top of
your ability when asked to play.

Remember, it should be guitar pieces you like to play.

If you do not like what you play you run the risk of memorizing
these feelings together with the material you play.

When you practice a guitar piece you will memorize much more
than the melody. At least these things will be memorized:

1. Hopefully the melody

2. Your attitude

3. Your level of body tension as you play

4. Your posture

5. The pressure you apply when pressing down the strings or
holding your pick

If you like what you practice this joy will probably be
transmitted to the audience when you perform.

In order to keep your motivation to practice on top and be able
to stick with your guitar playing goals I suggest that you
consider the following tips:

1. Ask yourself these questions to evaluate your future ability
to stick with your goals:

Why do I want to be a better guitar player?

Is it because I like to play guitar?

Is it because I am "forced to"?

Is it because I want to impress my friends?

What things do I like to play on the guitar?

2. Set goals that take into consideration what motivated you to
play in the first place. If you like strumming chords and sing
your favorite songs your goals should probably be in that area.

3. Learn pieces that you feel good about and let other people
listen to them and feel good too.

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