Sunday, October 07, 2007

Accoustic Guitars: Back To Basics

Acoustic guitars have been the standard by which all other instruments are judge for decades now, and they seem to show no signs of diminishing in importance. Before the invention of modern amplification systems, the acoustic guitar was not universally the preferred instruments of songwriters. Acoustic guitars, after all, are relatively quiet when compared to a banjo or an accordion. Nowadays, however, you can play guitar acoustic music as loudly or as quietly as you wish. Although everyone recognizes the sound of a guitar, it never seems to get old. From folk to rock to jazz, guitar is probably the best place to start.

Once you have advanced a little bit, guitar playing gets a lot easier. When you are first starting, however, it is extremely difficult. The first few times you play acoustic guitars, it can be very frustrating. Your fingers hurt when you push down on the strings, the chords don't sound like they should, and nothing works out right. Persevere! Acoustic guitars aren't popular simply because of their melodious sound. It is an open secret that they are extremely easy to play compared to many other instruments.

Of course, before you even start playing, you have to pick out your acoustic guitar. This is a subject of some debate among guitar experts. Should you buy a beginner guitar, or should you go all out and get something more expensive? Many people believe that beginner guitars are the way to go. That way, if you don't like playing, you haven't wasted too much money. Other people believe that you shouldn't confine yourself to cheap acoustic guitars. If you have the money, you should buy a really good ax. That way, it will be a joy to play. The better it sounds, the more you're going to want to play it!

In my opinion, the best approach is a compromise. Whether you are getting acoustic electric guitars, nylon string classical guitars, or some other kind, it shouldn't be the bottom-of-the-line. Get something that is decent, but not overly expensive. You can usually find acoustic guitars on sale for less than 200 dollars. Take someone who is experienced along to help you pick it out. Choosing the right guitar, after all, is crucial. You will be sticking with that instrument for months or even years to come, so you had better choose carefully. The wrong instrument will be hard to play and will not even stay in tune.


stevo said...
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stevo said...


I had an great time with this pedal. Not only the fact that it has some GREAT amp models, but also because you don't have to bend down in order to change the effects!

Instead you can use software along with the USB on the X3 to change the effects easily using the mouse. This made things a lot easier for me as I am always trying to make the strangest effects I can think of whilst using my default recording program (Ableton Live 7).

I would strongly recommend this pedal for anyone gigging as it is very VERY reliable and can handle whatever you throw at it! It is also great for recording as it has low latency when recording into different programs.

I am currently selling this on eBay because I am trying to get a Macbook now.

So grab a bargain now while you can :)