Monday, February 01, 2010

Online Guitar Beginner Lessons - 4 Informative Tips To Spot A Scam

By: Kyle Hoffman

Online guitar beginner lessons sure are fantastic for learning
those basic skills to get you playing your first songs. They
provide powerful insights into how to hold the instrument,
strumming techniques, picking tips, and anything you might
consider with playing chords.

However, with their popularity soaring among beginners, these
online lessons are being copied in format and released to the
public as hoaxes that want to to claim your money for almost
nothing in return. Keep your head up though, because you can use
these 4 observations to identify a guitar lesson scam.

1. The sales pitch is raw and too pushy.

The definition for pushy might be a bit wide, but you can
understand if the tone you're receiving online from this lesson
site is quite strong. Compared to other web sites, instructors
that sell courses genuinely want you to feel at ease and
comfortable with your decision and purchase.

If a page appears to have a strong agenda of getting your money,
it's probably because that's all they have on their mind. Study
the agenda behind the words and if decide what they're really
trying to communicate with their message.

2. There's a definite lack of information.

Making the decision to get online guitar beginner lessons
shouldn't be on a whim. You should be able to study the claims,
gain all the knowledge you need on the program, and then put
down some reasonable money.

For web pages that are not willing to supply enough information
for you to make a good decision, they're not worth reading into
any further. Get out and look elsewhere.

3. The instructor is shrouded in mystery.

That sounds like the premise of a good novel or television show,
but it doesn't fly when looking for guitar courses. The
instructor should be someone who's very willing to show his
skills and accept feedback on his proposal.

An instructor that doesn't show his face or his personality may
be hiding the fact that they can't play an instrument. Look for
sites that give you solid information about the mastermind
behind the lessons.

4. Where's the money-back guarantee?

I always look for the money-back guarantee or I'm walking. Even
if they're selling you the elixir of eternal life with a letter
of authenticity, you make sure that you can get a refund.

Not offering a refund says two things: * I'm too lazy to
handle them.

* I don't want to give you the option.

Neither of these options should appeal to you and your back

About the author:
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