Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bored with Guitar? Try An Alternate Tuning

By: T.J O'Connell

One way you might try to get out of a rut, whether you are a
songwriter or just a regular player is to try out some alternate
guitar tunings. All the guitar gods at one point venture into
the world of alternate tunings and it can be alot of fun.

The reason the strings are tuned to standard tuning on a guitar
is because it is the most efficient for fingering the most
amount of scales and chords, but that doesn't make it better
than any other tuning, and if standard tuning is making you
bored maybe it's time to venture out into the world of alternate
guitar tunings.

Now some of this ground has been covered before for example
there are many popular alternate guitar tunings, such as Drop-D,
Open C, C Tuning, Dropped B, B Tuning, B-flat tuning, Dropped A,
Hardcore tuning, E-flat tuning. As you can see there is no limit
to the amount of tunings you can do. You can even come up with
your own; maybe it's one that no one in history has come up
with, who knows there is a whole world of possibility out there,

Some of the most creative and inspiring guitar players have
invented their own tunings and fingerings; just do a search on
your favorite guitarist with the words "alternate tuning" to see
if maybe one of your guitar heroes has invented one of these.

Some guitarists will even own more than one guitar and tune them
all differently so you can switch easily on the fly, whether you
are at a show or at home.

About the author:
The guitar really becomes a brand new world when you discover
the world of alternate guitar tunings. Check out some of the guitar tuning
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delve into this brave new world.

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