Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How To Play Guitar Without Reading Music

By: Richard Smith

Treble clefs, three quarters time and learning all the other
musical jargon is not one of the many easy ways to learn guitar,
in fact it puts a great deal of people off musical instruments.
Luckily there are ways that you can learn how to play guitar
without reading music

Music that you know from school and books is usually of the
classical notation variety, that is the same for all
instruments. In fact, guitar has its own music notation which
looks very different from other notation. It is called "tab"
which is short for tablature. It looks just like the six strings
of the guitar and uses numbers on the strings, which indicate
where to place your fingers on the fretboard. This makes it one
of the best easy ways to learn guitar.

Often, tab is accompanied by normal, regular sheet music. It is
usually put underneath. Even though you can learn how to play
guitar without reading music, you will find that tab will allow
you to learn a little about sheet music, that will help you with
your timing. But, if you like, you can throw away the sheet
music and still become an accomplished guitar player.

Tab is best for riffs and intricate finger work. However, you
may have seen chords. These are where you hold several fingers
against the fretboard and strum most, if not all, of the strings
to produce a nice harmony. In fact, chords are considered by
many to be one of the best easy ways to learn guitar because you
can play many songs if you know only three or four chords! Once
you learn a few chords, a song is usually a few chords switching
back and forth between them each and within no time you will
have memorized a song and be able to know how to play guitar
without reading music.

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