Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Warm Up Tips for Guitar Players

By: Gerard Hiner

After years of teaching and speaking with other guitar players
it still amazes me how many players fail to warm up properly. I
understand the desire to pick up the guitar and start playing
but a few simple warm up steps will improve your playing and
practice and help reduce injury. That's right, you can get
injured by playing guitar, especially if your hands and fingers
are not warmed up.

Here are a couple of simple stretching exercises you can do
anywhere and no guitar is needed. Do this before a gig or
practice. You will feel better and play better. Be sure to check for more guitar tips and info.

Hold your hand out as if you are directing traffic and telling
someone to stop. Now with your other hand gently grab your
"stop" hand's fingers and gently pull back towards your body.
You will feel it in the lower wrist and forearm. Do this for
about 10 seconds and then switch hands.

Next do the same thing but have your hand pointing downward or
opposite the technique above. This you will feel in your upper
wrist and forearm.

Next do some simple massages. With your Thumb simply apply a
decent amount of pressure and rub the inner part of the opposite
hand. Now do so for each finger. Really give them a good rubbing
and switch hands. This will improve circulation and loosen up
the muscles.

Again do these every day if you can or at the very least before
you pick up your guitar and you should notice and feel the

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