Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Epiphone Les Paul Studio Review - The Perfect Beginner Guitar?

By: R. S. Rasnick

Gibson's best-selling instrument is on a regular basis the Les
Paul Studio, which is understandable, since it permits its owner
many of the features of the more costly Gibson Les Paul at a
much more inexpensive price.

Since the Gibson Les Paul Studio is well over $1,000, it's still
out of the price range of many guitarists. The Epiphone Les Paul
Studio is an attempt to catch the spirit of the Gibson model at
a much more affordable price point.

Since it has a list price of only $349, the instrument will
easily find its way into the hands of many more guitar players.
Let's look at the instrument in closer detail, then.

Surprisingly, the guitar features a set neck rather than
bolt-on, which is rather odd for a guitar as low-priced as this
one. It also boasts a carved top, mahogany body and neck.

Other points worth noticing are the chrome hardware, rosewood
fingerboard, tune-o-matic bridge, stopbar tailpiece, and two
open-coil Alnico Classic humbuckers.

For the price, we found this guitar to be a superb
beginner-level instrument or even a guitar for an
intermediate-advanced player who's willing to supply a few

Once we set it to our liking, we though the action was quite
good; nevertheless, some buzzing was noticeable, though not

The Alnico Classic humbuckers did a nice job of providing solid
blues and rock tones. The volume pots were a little scratchy and
could stand to be exchanged, as could the pickup selector switch.

The complaints, though, are moderately minor and not worth
focusing upon. A Epi Les Paul Studio goes for around $350 new
and $200, so there's really not much room to complain.

The bottom line: this is a nice beginning-level instrument at a
real good price.

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