Monday, January 25, 2010

How To Buy An Affordable Acoustic Guitar

By: Marius Vosloo

Buying a decent acoustic guitar is the best investment you'll
ever make in your musical career. For the inexperienced buyer,
however it can be a minefield. You have to buy with caution,or
end up disappointed. The wrong acoustic guitar can frustrate
you. As a beginner guitarist you need all the good luck you can
get. The good news is there are decent acoustic guitars on the
market. I've identified my 5 favorite acoustic guitars for

1.Fender CD60 Dreadnought:

No lenghty discussion is needed, it's a Fender! Fender is
associated with quality and versatility. Fender has been around
for almost 60 years. This acoustic guitar has a relatively low
action which make it suitable for newbie guitarists. It's shaped
to bring out the low sounds so that your chords sound deep and
rich. It is a value for money guitar which comes with a standard
hard-shell case. It sells for around $200.

2.Takamine s34 NEX Cutaway:

The Jasmine by Takamine S34 NEX Cutaway is an immensely popular
guitar for beginner guitarists. It sounds great considering the
affordability aspect. It features includes a spruce top, nato
back and sides, 21-fret mahogany neck, dark-stained rosewood
bridge and fretboard, and covered chrome tuning machines. Its
tone is good and it plays loud. You'll be amazed by its
affordability and playability.

3.Yamaha F335:

An excellent guitar for the beginner because of its low action.
Action is defined as the space between the strings and the
fretboard and a low action is much easier to play for the
beginner. It sounds awesome for the low price.

4.Hohner HW-90LH:

It sells for around $200. Hohner is an established brand and
known for quality and durability. Nice medium low action guitar.
It has a vibrant sound with good bass. A good choice for your
first guitar.

5. Martin 000X1:

In terms of an affordable acoustic for a beginner guitar player
then the 000X1 model is one of the best beginner acoustic
guitars because of its quality and affordability. In fact, all
the acoustic guitars from Martin's X series suit beginner
guitarists. The Martin brand receives good reviews on the


Buying your first guitar does not have to be difficult. We live
in the information age, we have access to the right information.
Do a bit of research, talk to other guitarists and buy a decent
acoustic guitar. May your musical journey be a blessed one.
Don't be afraid to take that crucial first step towards a great

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