Monday, January 18, 2010

Guitar Classes For Adults

By: Paul Gian

Who says learning the guitar has an age limit? For adults who
have been thinking about pursuing their long time goal of
playing the guitar for years but never got around to it, guitar
classes for adults may be just the thing to teach you the skill.
Guitar classes for adults are targeted specifically at teaching
working professionals how to learn the guitar.

Adults learn differently than children. Adults are able to make
judgments based on past experiences, they are better experienced
at taking criticism, and they tend to be more patient and
willing to ask questions as they learn. Learning in the same
environment as children can be de-motivating and frustrating for
adult learners. Making sure that adults learn with their peers
is the best way to facilitate a desire to learn the guitar which
will help the adult in following through with his or her goals.

Guitar classes for adults are usually available through
traditional institutions, independent tutors, or distance
education tutorials. Traditional institutions include colleges,
weekend / night schools, and brick and mortar guitar studios.
These places will put on regular guitar lessons at pre scheduled
times in one central location. Tutors and private instructors
are usually people who are self employed and passionate about
the guitar. A tutor / private instructor may or may not be
affiliated with a larger school. Most guitar instructors do the
job on the side in order to make a few extra bucks a month. Few
guitar instructors / tutors can do their job full time. A third
option for adult guitar students is correspondence courses.
Correspondence courses can be taught at a distance and can be
delivered in a variety of platforms including the Internet,
snail mail, videos and DVDs. These courses will be most
difficult for beginners because they will have no prior
experience to base the lessons off of. The down side to learning
an instrument through correspondence courses is that there is
nobody else available to let you know if you are doing something
right or wrong. Questions cannot be asked and matters cannot be
clarified. Correspondence courses are best to be used as
refresher courses for people who already have a basic
understanding of guitar principles.

No matter the type of format used to learn the guitar, a person
can never be too old to learn how to play.

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