Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guitar Lessons DVD - 4 Tips for Beginner Guitar Lessons

By: Jim Farlow

If you are just getting started with the guitar it is vital that
you choose specific beginner guitar lessons that have the proper
tools geared towards rapid advancement.

Here is some of what you will learn once you have choose the
correct guitar lessons DVD.

When you look at online guitar lessons you will find that many
of them are geared towards helping more advanced players to
reach a higher level. The problem for those who are new to
lessons is that every lesson promises the world for both
beginners and advanced players.

The truth of the matter is that there are only a handful of
qualified guitar lessons that are geared towards beginners and
have the tools that are extremely important if you expect to
advance quickly with the guitar.

There are a few other factors to consider when choosing the
correct lessons.

What is the specific type of guitar you want to learn? Acoustic,
electric or bass. Another question is the type of music you are
looking to play. There are many instructors specific to jazz or
blues yet those instructors many times are not qualified to tech
hard rock. There really is a major difference and I have seen
many guitar instructors with beginner guitar lessons who are
excellent teachers with their specific music and for that reason
try to guide their students towards that type of music.

Now let's take a minute to look at just a few of the tools you
as a beginner need to make sure you have within your lessons.

* Jam Tracks - An excellent tool for beginner guitar lessons
which allows you to play along with your favorite artist and

* Guitar Lessons DVD - Having a DVD to look at with the many
lessons that include frets notes and other instruction will help
you to advance quickly. For whatever reason though many online
lessons do not offer DVD. I have found that those that do not
offer their lessons on DVD simply have not put the time into
their lessons.

* Online Support - This is an added benefit that I have found
with some of the top beginner and advanced lessons. This of
course allows you to interact directly with the instructor and
other advanced students that can answer your questions within a
private forum which can be a Hugh plus. Most online lessons
though do not offer this benefit. If all the other criteria are
met this benefit may not be necessary but it again is a nice

* Experience of Instructor - I cannot tell you how many lessons
out their are given by guitar players who have very little
experience. This is actually one of the biggest problems if you
are not careful when seeking the correct lessons for you.

When I first started seeking guitar lessons DVD I went through
many lessons that did not make sense and certainly did not offer
the proper tools to help me advance as I wanted.

It was only after going through several lessons and getting so
frustrated I was ready to quit that I finally found lessons that
had me playing my favorite songs in less then a week.

Guitar Lessons DVD in most casses should be a must. While I have
seen a few lessons that were qualified enough not to have a DVD
it again helps to see what you are doing right and what you are
doing wrong.

About the author:
If you are a beginner or simply looking to advance your skills
Click Here to review the top online guitar
lessons that use the tools mentioned within this article. A
review is the best way to look at what is available and which is
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a few days.

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